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Most frequent questions and answers

Respond quickly: Customers like to hear from service providers as soon as possible. Being the first to respond actually makes you 50% more likely to secure the business.

Call the customer: When you introduce yourself to a customer, always call them straight away. They’re expecting to hear from you.

Give a quote: Always give the customer a quote.  Use a standardized template to reduce the time and effort to submit a quote or bid.

Complete your profile: This is your opportunity to show off what you do. Customers love reading about service providers so make sure your profile is complete and up to date.

Ensure you have a high star rating: Customers love reading reviews for every service and product and it is the same with ConvergedTech one 5 star review makes you more likely to win the business over someone with no reviews.

Follow up with the customer. Ring them again, email them again, maybe send them a follow up message or SMS. Not all business is secured on first contact – lots of business is secured on the 2nd and 3rd contact for example

Do not get too disheartened when a customer doesn’t respond to you. A customer’s response is largely going to be based on their assessment of how good a fit you are for their request/project – sometimes despite having a great service or making a good first impression they will just decide to hire someone else. Realise this is part and parcel of business and respond to your next lead with just as much enthusiasm and positivity.

We conduct a number of checks on every single request on ConvergedTech before we send it out to you.

1) We make sure the customer is serious about hiring someone by asking them a number of questions about their request.

2) We verify the customer’s contact details.

3) We remove users who abuse our system/don’t pass any of our checks.

Our rigorous screening process eliminates the vast majority of bad enquiries – so you can be confident we’ll only alert you to customers who are genuinely seeking your services.

As much as we would like to, we cannot guarantee that every customer you contact through ConvergedTech will respond to you.


Because customers receive different responses from competing service providers, it may be the case that a customer only replies to the service provider they want to hire or the service providers they have shortlisted.


This is normal when running a business. If you had a shop front, not everyone who walked in would buy something. If you’re advertising online, not everyone who clicked through to your website will convert. Do not worry, this is part and parcel of generating new customers.


That being said, there are numerous things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired. These include the following:


Ensure you have a great profile! Potential customers will view your profile and use this to decide whether you could be the right service provider for them.


Ensure there are no spelling mistakes, you have a salesy company description and lots of information highlighting how your business is right for them.


Set your lead preferences. You want to make sure the leads that are coming through are as relevant as possible.


Respond to customers as soon as possible. Strike whilst the iron is hot!

Try and get through to them in a few different ways. Attempt to call them, send them an SMS or an email. If at first, they don’t answer, that’s ok! Keep trying – they might be at work or doing the school run!

Congratulations! Getting hired is what ConvergedTech is all about.


When you get hired by a customer you meet through ConvergedTech, you work directly with the customer to complete the work and collect payment.


Remember, we have no involvement in payment. This is entirely between yourself and the customer.


We strongly recommend you mark project as delivered on ConvergedTech when you complete them.  Our customers love to see how many times a service provider has been ‘hired’, so make sure you are showing this to them.


Don’t forget to invite customers to review you on ConvergedTech.  You are also encouraged to write a review on your experience working with customers you find through ConvergedTech.