Rainy Season Tips for Property Owners

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The Rainy Season is officially upon us. Soon to be followed by Hurricane Season beginning on June 1st. As homeowners we need to be prepared for any events that may occur and prove to be destructive to persons or property. The extreme weather conditions that occur during this season may take a toll on our homes. It is best to prepare your home structures for the upcoming rainy days by ensuring that you do the following: 

Stay Informed about updates and warnings. 

Make a plan. This should include emergency evacuation, safe zones and meeting points if seperated in an emergency.

Build an emergency kit. It should include non perishable food, batteries, clothing, toiletries, medication and any special items that may be needed for children, pets and the elderly.

Most importantly PREPARE AND SECURE YOUR HOME. This includes making certain checks and repairs in advance.

            – Clean all Sewage and Drainage Systems

            – Check your Gutters and Waterspouts

            – Check your Roof

            – Check and trim trees around your home

            – Check your electrical wiring

ConvergedTech Home Improvement and Tradesman Marketplace wants to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure during this season. Our network of  professional and well trained tradesmen are available to assist you in getting your home ready for this upcoming season.

Feel free to reach out to us to have your home assessed and to have the necessary repairs done to give you peace of mind in the upcoming months.