Roof Painting Sealed Bidding

I would like to have the roof of my single unit home painted. It is approximately 32x45 in measurement.

Underceiling job Sealed Bidding

Im currently looking for someone to install a new underceiling for my home

Minor Ceiling Work Sealed Bidding

I have some minor repair needed for ceiling. It is a gypsum ceiling and there is a piece to remove and replace. Ceiling is approximately 20ft high. The area to be repaired is about 2ft by 4ft. wall angles etc may need to be changed also

Wall to be redone Sealed Bidding

I have a wall that I need to get a costing to erect. It has a river stone wall currently. I want to know if it can be restored or if it needs to be broken down and restored. A full perimeter wall.
I have a wall that needs to be plastered. One wall of an upstairs house. Approx size 13 blocks high approximately 27ft in length.

Staircase to be tiled Sealed Bidding

30 steps in need of tiling. 44 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches. I would like to have a site visit done