On-site PC Support Technician Required Featured Project Sealed Bidding

PC Support Technician required to visit business customer in the Marabella area and perform the following activities as required: • Virus and Spyware Removal • Hardware Installation • Software Troubleshooting • Fix Email Problems • Fix Printing Problems • Training
I have a narrow hallway approximately 20ft long, approximately 33 inches in width that i need to have a ceiling installed for. I am available on Saturdays after lunch time for site visits

Tiling to be done Sealed Bidding

I have some tiling work throughout my home to be done. Interested in having a site visit done to get a quote

Painting to be done Sealed Bidding

I would like to have a site visit done for painting work throughout my home.
I have a number of doors that need to be installed throughout my home. Would like to have a site visit done to assess and get a quote to install

Bathroom Renovations Sealed Bidding

I have a bathroom that needs to have tiling done and glass enclosures for the shower. Site visit will be needed to confirm measurements
I have some leaks due to cracks in my concrete roof. This is one of the HDC homes

Possible roof repair Sealed Bidding

I am in need of possible roof repair needed for leaks. Extended ladders may be needed for repair as its a very high home. Service provider may be able to view from inside of the home where the leaks are as it is coming from nail holes
I recently added a room approximately 9ft by 10ft and i want an estimate done as to how much it will cost me to get the cheapest one not sure if it will be pvc or gypsum.

Gypsum Installation Sealed Bidding

I will like to have gypsum install in one of my bedrooms i already have a color in mind and pics of the design, the room is 12ft by 14ft need someone to come out and do a site visit so i will know how much it cost.