Multiple Leaks Sealed Bidding

I have an external stairway that was enclosed but has been getting some bad leaks along the wall. Several persons have tried to fix it and it hasn't been sorted out. Also along the porch area.

HDC apartment leak Sealed Bidding

I have a leak on the main door of my HDC apartment that I have tried to fix with silicone and still no change. I have already gotten permission from HDC to have repairs done

Roofing Repairs Sealed Bidding

I have guttering and roofing repairs. I am not sure what the issue is but I'm having leaks so I would like to have a visit done

Roofing to be done Sealed Bidding

I currently need to have my roof cleaned. I was building a flat house and have decided to stop and change the roofing from gable to flat roof and a porch also needs to be built outside. When completed the roof also has to be underceiled.
I need to have installation of some underceiling done for a town house complex/multiple apartments
My bathroom floor and wall has to get some tiling done the bathroom is approximately 8ft by 8ft i already have a design in mind.
I will like to have an estimate done to have my room 15ft by 20ft tile, i am not sure how big of a tile to go with as yet.
I have an indoor stairway to tile including my upstairs bathroom floor 8ft by 8ft i will like to have an estimate done.